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Honorio Rubio Tremendus Rioja

Honorio Rubio Tremendus Rioja

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Name: Tremendus Rioja 


Producer: Honorio Rubio - An early 20th Century winery, producing both young and aged wines with grapes from their vineyards in Cordovin, Rioja. 

Locallity: Rioja, Spain

Grape Varieties: Viura & Garnacha 

Style: Rosé - Rioja Clarete

ABV: 13.5%

Year: 2019

Organic & vegan friendly!

Low sulphur - contains sulphites


Production Method: This “Rioja Clarete” looks like a rosé but is made differently. Maceration is on the skins of both white and red grapes before the juice is used for fermentation yielding more of a white wine with a pink hue. Fermentation takes place in steel vessels using indegenous yeast, this wine is then bottled young without lees with a small amount of sulfur. Typically in rosé wine production, red grapes are juiced and left to soak (macerate) with their skins for a day or two until the juice turns a subtle pink color. The grape skins are then removed and the juice continues to ferment.


Appearance: Blushed pink and clear


Flavour Profile: Bright and sharp redcurrants, juicy strawberries and fragrant rhubarb combine a buttery/creamy finish which gives the impression of flavours in a fruit crumble or pie. There’s a great balance between acidity, sweetness and texture in this wine. Again very approachable with a clean fermentation profile, easily identifiable fruit notes and a crisp dry finish. Incredibly easy to drink despite the ABV.