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Chocolate & Beer Box

Chocolate & Beer Box

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We love chocolate here at Hand Brew Co, it's a flavour we often look for when making dark beers. Naturally, we thought pairing our beers with chocolate would be an interesting experience to offer.

Chef and owner Audrey Dufay at Terre De Sienne has made bean to bar chocolate in Worthing since 2019. They take dried cocoa beans, sort them, roast them and turn them into chocolate themselves. This method ensures the character of the beans are front and centre, and allows them to make chocolate with respect to the environment and chocolate professionals.

There are four chocolate bars choose from, featuring two different beans and a variety of cocoa percentages. We've hand selected four beers spread across a range of alcohol strengths and flavour profiles. There's plenty of exciting flavour combinations to be made, and we really enjoyed exploring the different pairings.

Leave a note including your desired chocolate selection when checking out

Beers included: 2x Otto, 1x Fest, 1x Ayyy, 1x Staggering In The Dark

440ml cans

Beer suitable for vegans

Ingredients (allergens in bold): 

Water, Malted & Unmalted Barley, Malted Oats, Coffee Beans, Cocoa Nibs, Hops, Yeast

Choose from the following chocolates:

44% Milk - Monte Grande, Guatemala.  Creamy and sweet with a rich texture, and a subtle biscuity quality.

55% Dark Milk - Cahabon, Guatemala. Smooth and luxurious with a  pronounced cocoa flavour and slight bitterness.

75% Dark - Monte Grande, Guatemala.  Punchy and vibrant notes of cherry, cranberry and blackcurrant from this super fruity variety.

78% Dark - Cahabon, Guatemala.  Intense and indulgent, deeply roasty cocoa flavours, with a firm bitter finish and hints of citrus.