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Ascension - Shimmy

Ascension - Shimmy

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Name: Shimmy

Producer: Ascension Cider Co

Fruit Varieties: Apple & Pineapple

Style: Tart wild cider blended with pineapple juice

ABV: 4%

Zero sulphur, Vegan friendly!


Production method: Cider apples pressed and fermented by wild yeast in steel, blended with pineapple juice. This creates a session strength cider, infused with fruit. Zero sulphur, Vegan friendly!


Appearance: Deep gold

Flavour Profile: A tart blend of wild base cider with sweet pineapple to contrast. There’s a distinctive wild and funky aroma from the base cider, reminiscent of hay or orchard fruits, complimented by the vibrant characteristics of the pineapple juice.