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Ascension - Pilot

Ascension - Pilot

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Name: Pilot

Producer: Ascension Cider Co

Fruit Varieties: A rotating blend of cider apples fermented and blended with freshly juiced apples. The latest batch is blended with Braeburn apple juice.

Style: Wild Fermented Session Cider

ABV: 4.8%

Zero sulphur, vegan friendly!


Production method: Pilot uses a rotating blend of apples on each batch! Cider apples pressed and fermented by wild yeast in steel, blended with fresh Braeburn apple juice and carbonated gently. Zero sulphur, Vegan friendly!


Appearance: This batch is cloudy white with a straw coloured tint. Other batches will vary!

Flavour Profile: Bold and fruity with an intriguing balance of sweet apple and sharp almost tartness, a subtle bitterness from the skins is present ever so slightly, and the finish is dry with gentle carbonation. There is plenty of complexity on the nose thanks to the wild fermentation, with hay like notes and a sharp hit of appley funk.